The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies Dosage

Did you know that 33% of people in the United States have used CBD products at some point in their lives? On top of that 33%, the popularity of CBD is continuing to rise, most likely because more and more people are discovering its unique benefits. However, if you’re new to the world of CBD, you might be wondering where you should start. 

CBD gummies are easy to consume and have a variety of benefits. But what should you know about the CBD gummies dosage? How can you know how much is safe for you to take?

This article will guide you through all the questions you might have about CBD gummy products. First, let’s take a closer look at what CBD gummies are, how they work, and how many you should take. 

What Are CBD Gummies

CBD gummies can come in many shapes and forms. They may appear as supplements or as sugary pieces of candy. They are gelatinous and may contain full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. 

You should never make the mistake that all CBD gummies are the same. Depending on the brand that produces the gummies as well as the type of gummies themselves, there can be significant differences. Of course, if you’ve never tried CBD gummies before, you won’t want to try the strongest CBD gummy product on the market. 

When you try CBD gummies for the first time, you’ll want to have a good experience. Because you don’t have a baseline of what to expect from CBD gummies, it’s always best to start small and then slowly work your way up. If you start with gummies that contain low concentrations of CBD, don’t be alarmed if you don’t feel the effects right away. 

CBD tends to work better after you take it for some time since it will have a chance to build up in your body. The effects of CBD gummies may also be weaker compared to other methods of consumption. This is because it can take a while for your stomach acid to break the CBD into small enough molecules to absorb into your bloodstream. 

Also, your stomach acid may end up destroying some of the CBD, meaning less will enter your blood and reach your brain. The effects of CBD tend to kick in around an hour or more after you take the CBD gummies.

For that reason, if you’ve never tried CBD gummies before, it’s best to try them when you’re at home so if you experience any side effects, you’ll be in a safe environment. Remember, however, that CBD won’t get you high.

Finding the Perfect CBD Gummies Dosage

When it comes to finding the best CBD gummies dosage for you, you’ll need to consider a few different aspects first. Your weight and metabolism are both very important since they will determine how your body will break down and experience a certain amount of CBD. The concentration of the CBD in a given gummy is, of course, very important as well. 

The good thing about gummies is that you won’t have to guess the CBD concentration. This is unlike other products such as CBD oils or tinctures. When you buy CBD gummies, the product labeling will usually tell you how much CBD is in each gummy. 

For example, the majority of CBD gummies have either 10 mg or 25 mg of CBD concentrated within each individual gummy. Of course, if you’ve never had a CBD gummy before, you might not know if 10 mg is too little or if 25 mg is too much. For first-timers, it is advised to start with the lower amounts to see how the CBD will affect you. 

It will also give your body a chance to become accustomed to CBD. Many people make the mistake of consuming too many CBD gummies because they believe they can handle a higher dosage right away, or because the gummies are enticingly sugary. You should avoid doing this because you won’t know how your body will react to high amounts of CBD if you’ve never tried it before. 

If you are really worried about potential side effects, you can eat a CBD gummy along with food. This will help dampen the effects of the CBD if you prefer to use CBD as more of a supplement.

CBD Gummy Dosage Based on Weight

As with most substances, those who weigh more are able to consume more of a given substance. For those who don’t weigh very much (less than 130 pounds), you should consume between 10 mg and 17 mg of CBD via gummies. The higher dose you consume, the more intense effects you will feel.

Those who have a moderate weight between 130 and 230 pounds can consume between 18 mg and 27 mg of CBD without any problems. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds may consume as much as 45 mg of CBD without experiencing any issues. 

You may be wondering what might happen if you try consuming a dose of CBD that goes beyond your recommended range according to your weight. Luckily, CBD is not toxic so you will not experience any dangerous effects. If you take a very small dose of CBD, you likely won’t experience anything at all.

If you take too much, you might experience some common side effects such as fatigue or a dry mouth. However, you will not experience any life-threatening side effects and the effects of CBD will subside after a few hours.

All about Choosing the Right CBD Dosage

If you were unsure about choosing the right CBD gummies dosage before, now, you should know all about it. The potency of the gummies themselves as well as your weight and metabolism are all important. By choosing the right dosage, you can have a great CBD experience. 

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