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How Many CBD Infused Gummies Can I Safely Eat?

1 in 7 adults uses CBD products.

With this growing statistic, you might have decided that it’s time for you to jump on the benefits as well. 

CBD-infused gummies are an easy way to ingest CBD. The only question is: how much should you take? 

Read on for a complete guide to CBD gummies and how many you can safely eat. 

How Do CBD-Infused Gummies Work?

Rather than pills or oil, gummies are a tasty and easy way to get your daily CBD intake. 

They take the form of a gummy candy-like appearance and are made with different colors and flavors. Then, they are infused with CBD to provide the benefits you are looking for. 

CBD calms your nervous system at night and can help you develop healthy sleep patterns. Anxiety can have a crippling effect on your sleep patterns, but since CBD helps anxiety and stress, it can help you sleep better.

CBD is said to help counter the brain reactions to anxiety and in return help calm stress and anxiety-related disorders. 

As a plus, the CBD gummies effects can also help you if you have joint or muscle pain. This makes them a great addition to your workout, or just a natural pain-reliever. 

While CBD has many benefits, it is important to make sure you talk to your doctor before adding it to your lifestyle. This will ensure that any current medications or illnesses will not react harshly to the CBD. 

So, How Many Should I Take?

The amount of CBD gummies you should take depends on your body type and desired effects.

CBD gummies or pills can contain anywhere from 10mg-30mg of CBD. We offer gummies that contain 10mg of CBD, and you may want to start with this dose and take one to two gummies a day.

After seeing how this affects your body, you can gradually increase the dosage until you see your desired outcome. 

While it is unlikely to overdose on CBD edibles gummies, it is still important to take them in proper amounts. It may not have the desired effects if you take too many, or too many too quickly.

Furthermore, your body weight can affect the amount that you need as well. Someone with a higher body weight may need to take more than someone that is smaller. 

If you are lesser weight, 130 pounds or under, try 10mg-15mg a day. If you are heavier weight, try taking 20mg-30mg a day.  

If, however, you are looking for a milder effect, you may want to try even less. No matter what dosage you are taking, still, start with a small amount to work your body up to the larger amount. 

So, start with one or two gummies a day and see how you do. If you feel like you need more, then add in another one to two.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are ready to start your journey with CBD-infused gummies, don’t keep waiting. There’s no reason you need to live a decreased quality of life when CBD can help enhance it. 

Contact us today and see how we can help!