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It only takes 30 minutes of exercise to change your life.

Motion is lotion for your joints and ligaments, whether you’re briskly walking, cycling, or swimming laps. A half-hour of moderate physical activity helps your body function at peak capacity. 

The only problem is that sometimes it’s hard to get up the energy to work out. If you want to enhance your fitness routine but need some motivation, a CBD energy drink could be the perfect solution. There’s a reason why healthy, active adults worldwide are using CBD to reach their fitness goals.

The potent cannabinoid can do wonders for your body, and it’s not habit-forming. You can also buy CBD legally, no matter where you live.

What exactly is a CBD drink, and why should you try it? Read on to find out!

Naturally, Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety impacts over 40 million Americans. Working out can be a great way to manage anxiety, and CBD can help top things off. Since CBD has a unique way of interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, it can influence your moods.

When your body is stuck in anxiety, it’s usually because your mind is working overtime. As CBD invites your mind and body to rebalance, you’ll begin to return to a sense of normal.

In as little as 30 to 45 minutes, you can start feeling the relieving effects of CBD energy drinks. Remember that since energy drinks have caffeine, you’ll want to drink responsibly. If after one or two energy drinks you think you still need more relief, you can look to using CBD gummies too.

Energy Drinks With an Uplifting Calm

The problem with traditional energy drinks is that they can leave you feeling jittery. When you use a customized or DIY CBD energy drink, you get to decide the results you get.

By making your own CBD drinks, you’ll get to fine-tune exactly how potent each sip is. You can also look for CBD energy powders that include nutritious vitamins and minerals. 

Since CBD naturally promotes a state of calm, you’ll find yourself energized without being anxious. It’s the perfect type of uplifting calm that you need right before a workout.

Target Chronic Pain

One of the best things about working out is that it can be a great way to treat chronic pain. By staying active, you give your joints and ligaments a chance to grow stronger. The more active you are, the more powerful your entire musculoskeletal structure can become.

The stronger your body is, the easier it’ll be for you to treat and manage chronic pain symptoms. The only issue is that sometimes chronic pain levels reach such great heights that individuals find it impossible to work out.

If you’re in so much pain that you can’t make it to the gym, you should talk to your doctor about CBD. Introducing CBD energy drinks to your fitness regime could help reduce inflammation.

As you reduce the inflammation in your body, you’ll notice your pain levels start to decrease. When you combine working out with decreased inflammation, anything is possible.

Say Goodbye to Headaches

Did you know that CBD drinks can also help you get rid of headaches? There are a ton of different things that can cause headaches, and stress is one of the biggest factors.

Stressing about all of the things you have to do to get through the day can easily make your brain hurt. Thankfully, CBD is a natural stress reliever. Instead of worrying about what you have to do, you’ll simply have the energy to do it!

A CBD energy drink can be the perfect get up and go when your mind is working against you. As long as you pick a flavor that you like, it’ll also be a special treat. As we all know, sometimes treating yourself is all you need to turn your mood around.

Make an Energy Drink With the Perfect CBD Dosage

We find that the best CBD drinks are the ones that you make yourself. By making the beverages on your own, you’ll be able to customize your dosage while also deciding exactly how you want it to taste. You’ll also be able to source natural forms of caffeine that are healthier for you.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make your very own CBD energy drink:

  • Juice or water
  • Water-soluble CBD oil powder
  • Optional fresh fruit pieces

You can use juice or water. Of course, juice does present extra sugars. However, as long as it’s the juice you enjoy and comes from real fruit, you’ll be on the right track!

Lemon juice works wonderfully, and you can always balance it out with a bit of water. Orange juice is a great choice too. However, it does contain a lot more sugar. Your caffeine source can be ground tea leaves, Ginkgo Biloba, or caffeine powder.

After choosing your energy drink juice and caffeine source, you’ll need to purchase high-quality water-soluble CBD oil powder. You can also use CBD tinctures and oil droppers to make your own beverage.

You’ll only need about 2 cups of water or juice for each drink. As far as how much CBD to add, that will depend on your fitness goals.

You can use the dosage instructions on the label and adjust accordingly. After mixing the CBD powder completely, you’ll be ready to take your first sip.

Feel Energized and Ready for Anything

Are you ready to energize your summer with a tasty CBD energy drink? Here at Queen City Green, we’re on a mission to bring high-quality CBD products to the everyday active adult.

Whether you’re looking to make your own CBD drink or want to try a different product, we’ve got you covered! Energy, pain relief, and a new calm state are all waiting for you.

Take a moment to explore all of our delicious CBD oils, edibles, pain-relieving creams, and more. We even have a beginner’s bundle if you’re new to CBD.


Arthritis, Athletic Recovery, Recovery

CBD is a cannabinoid, or chemical compound, found in cannabis plants. It’s been used for centuries to fight pain and inflammation.

In recent years, CBD has become popular as a natural remedy for conditions like muscle pain and anxiety.

The use of CBD for muscle recovery is a relatively new phenomenon that has yet to be fully researched. However, there are some promising indications that it may be effective at reducing the symptoms of post-exercise soreness and inflammation.

Some people also claim that it can help relieve chronic muscle pain, but there’s not enough research to back up these claims.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most popular and trending products in the health and wellness industry. It has been used to treat a wide range of medical conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and more.

It is also a natural way to relieve stress without the side effects that come with prescription drugs.

CBD is available in many forms such as oils, lotions, edibles, and capsules.

How do you take CBD?

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it will not make you high.

There are many ways to take CBD oil. You can take it by mouth, apply it topically, or use a vaporizer. The most popular way to take CBD oil is by mouth because it is the easiest and most convenient method for most people.

The dosage of CBD varies from person to person depending on their age, weight and individual tolerance to cannabis compounds like THC.

How Do You Tell if CBD Oil Is Right For You or Not?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that has been receiving increased attention from the medical community. CBD is one of the most well-known compounds in cannabis and it’s being studied for its potential therapeutic benefits.

There are many ways to consume CBD: you can smoke it, vape it, eat it in an edible or just take a pill. But how do you know if CBD oil is right for you?

The following steps will help you determine if your dosage needs to be adjusted:

The Complete List of Possible Benefits of Taking a CBD Oil Supplement Daily – Pain Relief & Chronic Conditions

CBD oil is a natural remedy that can be taken daily to treat a variety of health conditions. CBD oil has been shown to have a wide range of benefits, such as pain relief and reducing the symptoms of chronic conditions.

If you are considering CBD oil as a supplement, it is important to understand the benefits and risks before taking it.

CBD for Muscles & Why It Should be Part of Your Supplement Regimen

The use of CBD for muscle recovery has been shown to be effective in a number of ways.

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain. This is because CBD is an anti-inflammatory and anti-pain agent. In fact, it is one of the most powerful ones out there.

It also helps with sleep quality, which can be important for muscle recovery as it can help with recovering from workouts at night when we are sleeping.

The Pros and Cons of CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it doesn’t produce a high. It’s also the second most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, after THC. CBD is responsible for many of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and has no side effects when taken as an isolated supplement.

CBD is legal in all 50 states and can be purchased online without a prescription. There are many ways to take CBD including capsules, tinctures, topical creams, vaporizers, vape pens and more.

The Complete Guide to CBD for Muscles & Why It Should Be Part of Your Supplement Regimen

How to Maximize Your Muscle Recovery by Integrating CBD Oil Into Your Daily Routine

CBD oil is a supplement that is extracted from the cannabis plant, which contains a high concentration of cannabidiol. This can be used to help reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles.

There are many benefits of using CBD oil as a muscle recovery product. It can help with both acute and chronic pain, and it can also help to reduce inflammation in the body. CBD oil has been shown to have many other benefits as well, such as helping with anxiety and depression.

Conclusion – How Muscle Recovery Can Benefit From Using CBD

CBD is a natural compound that has been shown to have a variety of health benefits. It can be used to help with pain, anxiety, and sleep. It can also be used as a muscle recovery agent.

In this section, we will discuss how CBD can help with muscle recovery and how it works in the body to provide these benefits. We will also discuss some of the benefits that CBD provides for athletes and why it is an important supplement for them.


CBD, Muscle Health, Recovery

CBD (cannabidiol) is everywhere. You may eat it, drink it, inhale it, and even take a bath in it. And, while there’s still a great opportunity to uncover about this fascinating little chemical, supporters think it has some very remarkable effects, especially when it comes to pain management.

There are dozens of Cannabidiol products to pick from, including edible and topical, and the kind you select could make a big impact on how you feel.

CBD oil is made from cannabis plants. The plant contains approximately 100 different chemicals known as cannabinoids, which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties.

There are two primary kinds of cannabis sativa that are cultivated for different purposes:

THC content

The amount of THC present. THC is the ingredient in weed that makes users appear “high.”

Industrial (non-drug) applications

This plant has trace levels of THC (less than.03 percent) and can be utilized to create paper, clothes, and some building materials. Hemp is the name given to a type of cannabis plant.

While CBD may be found in both types of plants, hemp is the source of the majority of CBD products on the market. CBD for back pain doesn’t really give you a high or make you psychotic as marijuana can.

Understanding CBD for Pain Management

The idea is simple: apply a CBD lotion or gel to the area that hurts to relieve pain. Whether or not they function is a different thing which we are going to checkout now.

Only a few studies have been done on topical CBD products for pain. Herbs or other skin-penetrating substances are usually included in the final composition of topical CBD products. To support product claims like pain alleviation, other substances like arnica or menthol are incorporated. CBD concentrations in topical applications are often modest, and the calming effect you get is a result of the other chemicals. Consumers should read the components list as well as the certificate of analysis, which shows the total amount of distinct cannabinoids in a package.

Only then should you understand the quantity of CBD cream for pain per “serving” of topical application using a CoA, which reveals the percentage weightage of CBD and other cannabinoids, especially THC.

If you use CBD oil on your calves, it won’t aid your stomach muscles. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the severity. If you experienced full-body pain, for example, you’d have to use a lot of CBD lotion to get relief, which may be time-consuming and costly.

Consider that human skin is extraordinarily absorbent, absorbing significantly more than the CBD for back pain in topical creams, gels, and oils. Check the ingredients list to make sure you’re not putting anything on your skin that you’re allergic to or that could conflict with your medications if absorbed. If you’re unsure, talk to your doctor.

How Does Topical CBD Work for Pain Relief?

CBD binds to a variety of substances in the body, including:

G-protein-coupled receptors

CBD blocks many g-protein receptors in the brain, particularly GPR6, GPR12, and GPR3, that may have a part in the growth of neuropathic pain.


CBD links to lipid acid-binding proteins and other carriers in the endocannabinoid system. Other carriers are similarly inhibited, resulting in anti-inflammatory actions.


CBD cream for pain suppresses the activity of enzymes and acids that play a key role in inflammation.

Nuclear factors

CBD reacts with nuclear elements in the system, resulting in anti-inflammatory actions.

Transient receptor potential vallinoids (TRPV)

TRPV receptors are vital in pain signaling. CBD inhibits these sensors, which can result in pain relief.

A comprehensive evaluation was conducted in 2020. CBD for back pain has been discovered to help relieve symptoms of pain in animal research and clinical trials, according to Trusted Source.

CBD has been found in animal tests to help with neuropathic, inflammatory, and arthritic pain. CBD demonstrated anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties when taken orally, intravenously, or as a gel.

In humans, CBD gel may help with pain and discomfort. Most clinical trials, on the other hand, look at how CBD interacts with THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. CBD can help to relieve pain, increase sleep quality, and alleviate insomnia and exhaustion.

Effects of using Topical CBD for Relieving Pain

Topical CBD products for pain have been shown to help with a variety of ailments, according to research.

CBD for post-workout sore muscles

A high-quality topical CBD can assist relieve transitory muscle soreness caused by workouts. Oral CBD can help lessen muscular discomfort when taken just after a workout, according to a recent study.

CBD for Back-pain

CBD has been found to aid with back pain in the following ways:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Anxiety, which is usually linked to long-term or chronic back pain, must be addressed.
  • Increasing general relaxation and assisting with sleep

In some studies, CBD shows to have an effect on how people feel pain, but more research needs to be done. CBD is a holistic treatment, which means it doesn’t specifically target back pain (unless in topical preparations), but rather promotes a general sense of relaxation and pain relief.

CBD for persistent muscular pain

Topical CBD can benefit during flare-ups, but for systemic discomfort, you should take oral CBD. A combination can be quite beneficial. CBD cream applied locally can soothe highly sensitive areas, while CBD taken orally helps pain from within.

CBD for joint pain

Topical CBD, no matter how strong, is incapable of reaching cannabinoid receptors in your joints. CBD administered orally is more likely to help those with arthritis and other joint diseases. People suffering from fibromyalgia will benefit from ingestible CBD.

CBD for general muscle tightness and stress

High-quality topical CBD could also provide temporary relief for basic sore muscles (such as strain in the shoulders from a long day at your office). Know more about it by reading why you should consider CBD for Muscle Pain.

Best Topical CBD Products

The market is full of brands advocating about the best Topical CBD products they are selling. But, what makes one the best topical CBD products brand?

Testing by a third party. Look for items that have been evaluated by a different firm than one that is providing them. Despite what the supplier claims, third-party testing is concerned about the substances.

Labeling that is precise and effective. On the label and online, manufacturers should make testing results easily available and understandable.

Continuous Testing. The quality and content of each “batch” of a product might vary. Reputable producers test their products on a daily basis and release the results on the packaging and online.

Looking to buy CBD for pain?

At Queen City Green, we keep a check of all of the above points. We sell the best and trusted CBD products online that are tested by a third party lab. We use only the highest-quality components in our CBD products, and we ensure that all units are evaluated for effectiveness and impurities by third-party labs. We’ve got two bestselling Topical CBD that are super-effective when it comes to muscle pain & soreness.

Organic CBD Salve

As soon as our CBD Salve is blended, it begins to work. In contrast to oils, which must be digested inside the body, salves can be applied locally for amazing accuracy.

Our premium CBD is blended with organic beeswax and aromatic essential oils to create a salve that has a multitude of advantages for your skin and joints. Our salves are all made in the United States, ensuring the greatest quality. Read more to know how it works.

CBD Sports Cream

Our 4oz pump container has 400mg of Premium CBD, menthol, and camphor, making it ideal for a workout at the gym or a day on the surf. Contains no THC and is vegan. Use it prior, throughout, just after an exercise to stay active all day. To ease discomfort, massage joints or muscle strains as required.

Queen City Green’s Sport Cream is vegan, has no THC, and has been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab.


CBD creams are topical lotions that are applied to the skin. They may help people with back discomfort lessen pain and inflammation.

While CBD cream for pain may offer considerable pain relief, consumers should see a doctor first to determine the underlying source of their pain and, if required, undergo medical therapy.


CBD, Muscle Health, Recovery

When your affection for your dog has no limits, you hope it will have a long and healthy life. You must be concerned about his mental health, even if you offer him sweets to help him develop physically. You should buy the best CBD Dog Treats to keep your dog physically and psychologically healthy. CBD is being purchased by many people to aid in the healthy development of their dogs because it aids in the treatment of pain and anxiety disorders in dogs. However, before you go out and buy CBD treats for your dog, there are a few things you should be aware of.

What are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical component found in abundance in the cannabis sativa plant’s two main types: marijuana and hemp. CBD is most often derived from the hemp plant, and it contains any less than.3% THC or none at all. THC is what turns marijuana psychoactive; because CBD doesn’t contain significant amounts of THC, it won’t get you high; instead, it’ll leave you feeling relaxed. CBD, for instance, can aid with mental and physical disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as tired muscles, chronic stiffness, and epilepsy.

CBD comes in a multitude of types for humans (oil, skin cream, CBD gummies and chocolate bars), but CBD dog treats are commonly given to dogs. CBD treats for dogs are essentially treats mixed with CBD. CBD oil or CBD capsules are also given to certain dogs by their owners.

Why Give Dogs CBD?

Dogs, like people, can develop physical problems as a result of an injury or as they grow. CBD can also be used to control seizures, vomiting, arthritis, and digestive problems, according to petMD. Dogs can also feel anxious, panic, and depression. For fact, many dogs become terrified and worried when they are exposed to fireworks or huge crowds; other dogs may suffer from anxiety, distress, or PTSD after being rescued from an unpleasant or traumatic living condition.

CBD: Is it good or bad for your dog?

CBD is completely safe for dogs. According to WHO research, CBD has no possibility for misuse or addiction in animals, and it may be an effective treatment for a variety of medical ailments ranging from anxiety to nausea.

But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there isn’t a variety of research proof to back up its exact advantages for your pet. The few recent studies that have been undertaken have yielded positive results, but no clear solution has yet been reached.

When it comes to veterinarians, you may find that their opinions are divided. The main reason for this is that it’s just too early to decide if CBD for dogs is a beneficial product.

A word of caution: because CBD appears to be metabolized in the liver in the same way that it is in humans, some veterinarians advise avoiding administering it to dogs who have known liver problems.

It’s crucial to understand how much CBD to feed your dog if you choose to do so. Incorporate it gradually, just as you would any new health supplement, food, or medication. You can gradually raise the dosage if necessary.

It’s entirely up to you how often you administer CBD to your dog. Some experts advocate doing it once a day, while others suggest doing it every eight hours. The intensity of the symptoms your dog is experiencing influences a large part of the dose decision.

A decent rule of thumb is that your dog should feel some respite from his or her problems. Begin with a low dose and gradually increase as needed.

How to use CBD Treats for your dog?

Many pet parents who wish to provide their dogs the benefits of CBD for dogs feed them CBD in the form of dog treats. Porous dog treats absorb the Hemp oil quicker than flat or spherical dog treats, thus this is the ideal option. Once you’ve determined the proper CBD dosage, apply it to the dog treat and allow it to soak in. To make the operation more easier, you can also use a dropper.

You may even get CBD-infused pet treats that have been baked into the biscuits. These were picked for a variety of reasons, including the fact that you won’t have to waste time figuring out how much CBD to take!

You can use the CBD treats for dogs by mixing it with their dog food. Mixing CBD with wet food is the most convenient approach to administer CBD to your dog. Starting with small amounts is also a good idea. If your dog’s CBD use isn’t yielding any effects, gradually raise the dosage in their meal. Consult a certified veterinarian to determine the optimal CBD dosage for your dog. Dogs may first dislike CBD, but with time, they grow used to it and even enjoy it.

Advantages of Feeding CBD Treats to your Dog

Our dogs, like us, have an endocannabinoid system that permits CBD to work. This technique enables the cannabis plant’s CBD ingredient to work its spell on our pets in the same way it does for us.

As our endocannabinoid systems are so identical, many experts think that dogs can get most (if not all) of the comparable benefits that people get from CBD.

CBD is reported to provide the following benefits for dogs:

Reduces anxiety and stress:

Feeding your pet CBD Dog Treats for anxiety has been shown to lessen stress related to social and separation anxiety.

Can increase appetite:

CBD stimulates your pup’s appetite by activating receptors in the brain; it can also help to reduce nauseous symptoms and calm the central nervous system, making eating easier for your pup’s digestive system if they’re feeling under the weather.

Reduction in pain:

Especially when it comes to auto-immune illnesses like arthritis, which produce inflammation and discomfort. CBD Dog Treats for joint pain can be fed to your pets to ease their joint pain.

Can help with epilepsy and seizure episodes:

A recent study found that when dogs were given CBD treats, they experienced 89 percent fewer seizures.

Resolve skin issues:

CBD can help to relieve skin issues by repairing the skin barrier, allowing bacteria and allergens to have less of an impact on your dog.

Although there just isn’t enough evidence to suggest that CBD is safer than standard treatment, many people believe that CBD for dogs has few to no harmful adverse effects in dogs. Many people see significant improvements in their pet’s health in as little as a few weeks.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Joint & Anxiety

How are you expected to pick when there are so many CBD manufacturers on the market that manufacture pup snacks, oils, and capsules? It’s critical to do your homework and ensure that the brand you’re buying from is one you’re familiar with.

One such trusted brand is Queen City Green. Our CBD Dog Treats are a tasty, dog-approved chew made with water-soluble CBD powder and other high-quality ingredients and are beef flavored. These are manufactured from hemp oil that is high in phytocannabinoids. Because we value their wellbeing, all of our products are created from hemp farmed in the United States that has been processed and verified to be THC-free. Consider increasing your pet’s everyday diet by contacting us through our hemp CBD Dog Treats for joint pain if they experience daily aches and discomfort. Before starting any supplement program, always check with your veterinary doctor.


Overall, CBD for dogs is beneficial. However, more research is required to prove it. Informal data and certain preliminary research, on the other hand, indicate that CBD could be effective in healing some illnesses in animals.

If you intend to provide CBD to your dog, consult your veterinarian first. Then begin with a modest dose and watch for any positive or bad effects on your pet.


Athletic Recovery, CBD, Muscle Health, Recovery

Are you looking for a way to get better at your sport? Muscle discomfort and injury are unavoidable for athletes. These obstacles, thankfully, do not have to keep you back any longer. You may be able to reduce muscular soreness and quickly recover after workouts by using the best CBD sports cream.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has seemingly been all the rage in recent years. It’s been said to help with anything from sleep to anxiety reduction, attention improvement, and pain relief. CBD, it turns out, can be a useful CBD Sports Cream, helping to boost circulation before a session and assisting recovery and healing afterward.

Read on to know more about how CBD Sports Cream for pain works for athletes.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural substance found in cannabis plants that reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptors in the body that works similarly with similar molecules the body generates. The ECS is believed to help in the regulation of energy, temperament, sleep, and other functions, which is why CBD has such a wide range of applications.

Per a recent poll, 40% of Americans use CBD for pain relief. One of the most promising uses of topical CBD is to help with musculoskeletal issues since the chemical affects particular sensors in the nervous system that are engaged in inflammation and pain.

Topical CBD has been shown in studies to considerably decrease inflammation, modulate pain threshold, and balance cortisol levels. So, if you’re wanting to relieve running aches and recover faster from workouts, CBD Sports Cream for recovery on the skin could help. Topical CBD has also been shown to help with anxiety and sleep, both of which are important for recovery.

Cannabidiol: Is it safe or risky to use?

Tiredness, diarrhea, and an appetite change or weight were among the most common side effects of CBD products, according to an analysis of data and research. CBD sports cream for pain, on the other hand, have less negative effects than other medications used by doctors to treat the same diseases, according to the same analysis.

Allergy can be a negative effect of skin creams, according to the American Academy of Dermatology – AAD, although it can happen with any topical cream, not always CBD skin creams.

On the other hand, CBD sports creams contain little to no THC, implying that they won’t get you high. Hence, they are considered safe to use.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited drugs – both in and out of competition – at the start of 2018. The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has followed suit, creating a “Marijuana FAQ” page to help individuals understand the restrictions. One big disadvantage is that CBD was the only item removed from the list of prohibited substances. In sports, THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, and synthetic cannabinoids are still prohibited.

Benefits of CBD Sports Cream for Athletes

Here ‘s why players from all over the world are slowly getting into CBD sports cream for recovery and what you must learn about it, based on what is known right now.

Pain relief

Although there is fear about prescription pain pill overdoses, experts are pinning their hopes on finding safer pain treatment alternatives. When compared to opioids, cannabis is seen as an effective pain management option because it has a minimal risk of addiction and no lethal dose hazard. When 2897 persons who used medical cannabis were studied, it was shown that the majority of them experienced pain alleviation without the detrimental side effects of standard painkillers. In addition, 81% of those polled “strongly agreed” that cannabis was more useful without opioids.

A study published in the European Journal of Pain found that topical CBD discomfort treatment spray could lower inflammation and pain in animals.

Topical CBD-based pain relief creams have high CBD concentrations and are useful in treating both acute and chronic pain. These things have also been shown to help with nerve discomfort.

There are also CBD-infused patches that can be placed to the affected area for long-term pain relief. This patch can be used on the knee, neck, back, hand, arm, or any other hurting place to provide long-term pain relief.

Cannabis may help with recovery after a workout.

Muscle fibres may be microscopically damaged after athletes’ intense training. These muscles become inflamed, prompting the body to try to repair the damage, resulting in stiffness and muscle pain.

CBD has been demonstrated to have greater antioxidant activity than other potent antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E, making it a viable treatment option for post-workout inflammation.

In persons with multiple sclerosis, CBD can help to reduce inflammation, improve movement, and relieve pain. When applied to muscles as a topical pain relief spray, pain relief roll-on, or pain relief cream, it can reduce inflammation and aid in post-workout recuperation.

Many sportsmen claim that using CBD sports cream to tired muscles after an exercise helps to alleviate pain while increasing flexibility.

CBD lotions and pain treatments typically contain a blend of high-quality carrier oils or essential oils infused with hemp-derived CBD. These topical lotions, gels, and sprays are fast absorbed and give pain and soreness relief after a workout.

Muscle cramps are also another common problem that players and athletes face while training, after an exercise, or after a game. Muscle cramps were traditionally thought to be caused by dehydration, but new study suggests that they are caused by early tiredness. When muscles are overworked, their reflexes slow down, resulting in cramps.

Can CBD help to boost recovery?

Muscle pains and stiffness are frequent following a vigorous sweat exercise. Workouts generate small tears in muscle fibers that can lead to inflammation and the sensation of being stiff or in pain. While the breaking down and healing of muscle fibers after strenuous workouts is essential for growth, soreness is annoying and can induce biological changes if it occurs frequently.

CBD sports cream for pain is effective for relieving inflammation associated with soreness. CBD also slows muscle healing by inhibiting the production of chemokines, cytokines, and T-regulatory cells. CBD aids muscle recovery by reducing inflammatory responses that occur during physical activity.

The CBD topical is usually rubbed into the skin where the pain is localized to allow the cannabinoids to operate. Essential oils like peppermint oil or menthol, which give the skin a calming effect and have analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, are used in some balms.

Aside from muscle healing and pain reduction, topicals can aid with a variety of other issues. To cure skin disorders or add luster to the face or skin, several commercial skincare products use hemp oil or shea butter.

Best CBD Sports Cream for Pain Relief

CBD does not have to be taken in order to get its benefits, which is where topical CBD comes in.

Topical CBD can be applied straight to the skin as required, whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or just everyday aches and pains. Although you may not experience muscular soreness during a strenuous workout, your body may ache after you wake up. CBD Sports Cream from Queen City Green offers 400mg of CBD with a combination of natural menthol to help ease aching and inflamed muscles and get you through the day.

Apply a thin layer to the affected area and wait a few minutes for it to begin working. It’s a chilly, soothing sensation that calms the mind and relieves sore muscles, allowing post-workout recuperation a breeze.


The emergence of cannabidiol could mark a turning point in how athletes recover from training stress and manage acute and chronic pain. CBD, based on what we know so far, has a lot of potential advantages and few concerns. If it aids recovery as a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and sleep aid, it has a lot of potential to improve sports performance.

Although keep in mind to buy CBD sports cream from a reputable brand like Queen City Green.


Athletic Recovery, CBD, Recovery, Video

CBD is one of the fastest-growing supplements on the market, with an annual growth rate of 22% through the year 2025.

Although it’s not currently approved by the U.S. FDA as a medical treatment, early research and anecdotal evidence show it’s helping some people with managing stress, circulation, and joint health.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?

The cannabis plant can contain over 100 different cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most well-known. Full-spectrum includes the most cannabinoids of all the products, including THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. But, according to federal law, the amount of THC in full-spectrum can’t be more than 0.3%.

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

If full-spectrum contains nearly all of the compounds from the cannabis plant, Broad Spectrum CBD is on the other side of the spectrum. In this case, everything is stripped from the product except pure CBD.

You no longer have to worry about THC but you also miss out on some of the beneficial ingredients. The presence of all cannabinoids together is believed to enhance the overall effects of a CBD product. This is known as the “entourage effect.”

So should you choose Broad Spectrum CBD or Full-Spectrum CBD?

Although research on the “entourage effect” has shown that full-spectrum may be more potent than other types of CBD, some people simply don’t want THC in their system.

Both products do have the potential of helping users. The best thing to do is try both and see which one works best for you. Just start with a low dose and see how it reacts in your body. Then you can adjust accordingly.

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Do you suffer from muscle pain? Then why not try CBD supplements? 

CBD is among the hottest buzz on health news today as experts continue to expand its usage. While many have heard of CBD for muscle pain, only a few understand how it works and what makes it an effective supplement.

Here’s a quick look at how CBD supplements can help with your muscle pain.

CBD for Muscle Pain 

People are constantly looking for natural ways to relieve pain. Examining cannabis plants, medical researchers found that the cannabinoid compounds in them have anti-pain properties. Such discovery led to the introduction of CBD supplements like CBD oil for pain relief. 

How does supplemental CBD ease muscle pain? To understand this, let’s take a look at how the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ESC) works and how CBD impacts it. 

There are 2 types of cannabinoids: endogenous and exogenous. Exogenous cannabinoids are compounds found and extracted from cannabis plants. Examples include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD).

Meanwhile, endogenous cannabinoids are neurotransmitters that the body naturally produces. Together with receptors, these make up your endocannabinoid system (ESC). The ESC handles the regulation of body functions such as pain and immune system response. 

When you use CBD cream for pain or any other CBD supplement, it’ll interact with your ESC. It stimulates different reactions from your cell receptors that help reduce muscle pain.

A study showed that CBD prevents the release of compounds in the body that trigger inflammation. Instead, it urges your body to produce and effectively use endocannabinoids. This helps hasten muscle recovery, resulting in pain relief. 

It also boosts your anandamide (AEA), which is responsible for pain perception and regulation. For these reasons, experts recommend CBD as a viable solution for suppressing pain. 

How Long Does It Take for CBD To Work?

There is no definite answer to this question, as the effectivity period depends on your body and mode of intake. Those who opted to use spray or tincture felt the effect within 15-45 minutes. On the other hand, edibles, topical CBD products, and even the best CBD oil for pain can take 1-2 hours before kicking in. 

Proper Dosage for CBD

Various factors affect CBD dosage for pain. Primary indicators include body weight and the percentage of CBD in the product. As such, consult with a specialist before taking CBD to avoid negative side effects.

As always, it’s best to start small before gradually increasing the dosage until achieving the effect you desire. As a rule of thumb, consume 200 mg or less of CBD per day. 

What’s great about using CBD is that it doesn’t prompt your body to develop tolerance. This means you won’t have to keep increasing your dosage.

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