A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Body Salve

Are you one of the estimated 64 million Americans who has tried CBD? If you’re interested in trying CBD or already a regular user, you might not have considered a CBD body salve. 

Our guide will tell you everything you might want to know about how CBD salve works.  

What Is CBD?

Before getting into the ins and outs of choosing a CBD body salve, it’s helpful to review what CBD is. It is one of over 500 compounds found in the Cannabis plant. CBD is one of the better-known cannabinoids in America.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 100+ known cannabinoids. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid found in Cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive. As such, it is legal, as per the FDA’s 2018 Farm Bill. 

The first documented use of cannabis for medical purposes is 5000 years ago. Humans have used Cannabis to create products such as hemp and twine.

They’ve also used the plant for food and health purposes. CBD is a more recent discovery – first synthesized in 1940.

Which CBD to pick?

When making your purchase, it’s important to decide which type of CBD you’d like. It may seem confusing, but there are clear differences between the three types of CBD. You’ll see these terms as you shop online: isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD.

The first kind you’ll see sold is CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate contains only CBD cannabinoids. CBD Isolate contains no other compounds.

Another variant is broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids besides CBD but does not include THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD may also include terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis. Terpenes can also be found in other plants, such as lavender and oranges. 

The final type of CBD is full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD is also called “Full Plant CBD.” This is because no single cannabinoid has been isolated from the rest, just as it would be when found in a plant.

Many people prefer full-spectrum for this reason, as the compounds work together. A full-spectrum CBD product will include terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds.

A 2018 study documented an improvement for chronic pain patients when using a whole-plant product. You may see full-spectrum CBD described as having an “Entourage Effect.” That’s because the compounds work together.

Never worry when you read that full-spectrum CBD contains THC. Remember, THC content will always be below 0.3% of the CBD product, which is the legal limit.

Picking a CBD Body Salve

You may use lotions and face creams regularly, but are you already familiar with salves? A salve is also applied to your skin. Salves are like lotions and creams, but there are key differences.

Traditionally the uses for salve were to treat irritated skin. A salve could also be used to apply herbal treatments to the skin. Salves combine soothing beeswax with medicinal herbs.

Salves also referred to as balms, provide an easy way to administer an herbal treatment. They are created using a mixture of oil and beeswax. The lotion is similar but contains water.

When creating a lotion, manufacturers usually include an emulsifier and up to 70% water content. Creams also include oil, water, and an emulsifier. Creams typically include more oil and less water, which is why they are so thick.

Lotions and creams need preservatives and have a shorter shelf life. Salves contain more shelf-stable ingredients and can often last a lot longer. Because salves contain less moisture, they warm to your touch as you use them. 

CBD And Salves 

When creating a CBD body salve, the manufacturer will combine CBD with a carrier oil. MCT oil is the common carrier oil choice, although you may also find hemp seed, avocado, or even olive oil.

After combining the CBD with a carrier oil, the manufacturer mixes it with beeswax and other high-quality ingredients. You’ll find with salves that other common ingredients are shea butter and cocoa butter. You may also find moisturizing oils and even aromatic botanicals.

Using CBD Body Salve

Now you know which type of CBD products exist. You also know how a salve is made. You may be wondering about the benefits of a CBD Body Salve.

Not only that, but you may be curious about how to dose your CBD properly.

Proper CBD Dosage 

Dosing CBD for your body is a personal choice. Depending on your condition, body weight, and the potency of the product, your dosage may vary. Typically, a product will alert you to the recommended dosage. 

After starting at the recommended dose, if you choose to increase your dose, keep track of when you feel best. An updated study, although requiring further research, found there is little risk from taking large doses of CBD. The study looked at dosages as high as 1500 mg a day.

When you use a CBD body salve, always check the packaging first. Your product will tell you the recommended dosage, and in the case of a salve, instructions. When using a salve, it’s up to you to choose how much you wish to apply.

Everybody is different, so it’s a great idea to go slow and build up. It’s best to start with the manufacturers’ recommendations. Build up from there until the dose feels right for you.

One of the benefits of a salve is that you build up at your own pace. You also choose where and when you’ll apply the salve. 

How CBD Salve Works

A CBD salve works because your body absorbs CBD through your skin. Once in your body, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system.

Every human has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body. Your ECS is made up of molecules called endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids bind to corresponding receptors called cannabinoid receptors.

Although still a mystery, scientists believe your ECS controls many bodily functions. This includes regulating your mood, sleep patterns, and even digestion.

In 1990, after discovering ECS, scientists found humans have two primary ECS receptors: C1 and C2. Our C1 and C2 receptors respond to CBD.

Scientists are still unsure exactly how CBD impacts our ECS. But they are sure that it is interacting with our ECS.

Although not confirmed, there was a recent research review that studied CBD and pain. The authors read old and new studies. They concluded that CBD is effective for chronic pain patients.

Beyond that, there are even studies on whether CBD helps combat addiction. While not conclusive, they state that CBD’s stress-relieving properties have been observed.

There are 250+ active clinical trials open on the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The trials focus on alleviating anxiety and chronic pain. This uptick in research reflects an increasing interest in the impact of CBD.

More conclusive information on CBD’s impact will hopefully emerge from these upcoming studies.

How To Use A CBD Body Salve

When applying your salve, make sure your skin is clean. Unlike using lotion or cream, you do not need to slather on salve to enjoy the benefits. To start using your CBD body salve, add the desired amount to your clean, dry skin.

Rub in and re-apply as needed. When applying the salve, it’s helpful to use a spoon or scooper when reaching in the jar. This keeps your salve clean and free from dirt or particles on your fingers. 

Picking The Right Product

There so many different CBD products to choose from. When purchasing online, it can feel overwhelming. Always make sure to do your research on the company, and check for one that does third-party testing.

Third-party testing means an independent lab checks the quality of CBD products. This ensures an unbiased appraisal of the product. A reputable CBD company will always include lab results on its website. 

When choosing between a salve and other products, such as CBD gummies, it’s helpful to focus on your needs. Are you hoping to treat anxiety? Perhaps an edible product would be most convenient for you in that case.

If you’re struggling with specific pain in your body, a salve may be a more appealing choice for you. Many athletes, as well as those with arthritis, gravitate towards a salve. That’s because a salve allows you to treat a specific part of your body and control the dose topically.   

Enjoy The Effects Of CBD Salve

Now you know the complete ins and outs of choosing a CBD body salve. From types of CBD products to applying the salve, you’re ready to pick the right product for you.

Ready to experience a soothing CBD salve? Take a look at our CBD salve selections today!