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With a market size of $8.2 billion, the consumer health benefits of CBD are well established. CBD has become a popular additive in energy drinks and other workout supplements that are typically taken after hitting the gym. 

So what about CBD pre workout benefits? Athletes are increasingly taking CBD products before exercising, and we’ll explore the benefits of doing so below. 

CBD Before Workout

If you haven’t considered the benefits of CBD before a workout then it’s well worth considering tweaking your workout regimen. There are many benefits to taking CBD before a workout. 

Muscle growth and regeneration require more than just exercise. Diet and nutrition also play a significant role in how your body heals injured muscle fibers. 

CBD has natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, these are the two most popular properties of CBD, and those properties play a big role in helping increase muscle growth and recovery.

Controlling inflammation and discomfort also allows for more intense workouts that deliver better muscle growth results and muscle retention. Taking the right CBD products before your exercise allows you to boost your physical and mental well-being. It’s yet another tool for pushing yourself to achieve your optimal results. 

Manage Swelling and Soreness

When muscles cramp or spasm, undesirable symptoms like soreness, swelling, and irritation result. These can cut your exercise routine short before you max out your muscles. 

Lowering these symptoms helps athletes push through the strain of a tough workout. Hemp CBD is an ideal treatment for lessening the symptoms of soreness and muscle irritation.

Users can apply CBD directly to problem areas of the body. Or they can ingest CBD before a workout session. There are special CBD pre-workout pills that help your mental game as well by allowing people to not be distracted by exercise-related discomfort. 

CBD Benefits for Rest Before Workouts

You may not think of nighttime use of CBD as “pregaming,” but morning workouts are preceded directly by nighttime rest. Many people enjoy the benefits of early morning workouts that leave them energized for the remainder of the day, but they may not be taking full advantage of CBD for restful sleep and better recovery.  

Barriers to good sleep include sleeping in positions that leave muscles aching in the morning. CBD oil before sleeping enhances your quality of sleep. In other words, you’ll spend less time tossing and turning and more time dreaming and recovering.

It is well known that brain function reduces during sleep. This allows your body to get the break it needs so it can recover and rebuild as needed. Without CBD, your body may not be fully resting, which can hamper recovery at night and leave you feeling under-rested in the morning.  

Ingesting CBD oil just before going to sleep encourages NREM sleep. This sleep cycle is crucial for helping your body recover. Sound sleep will help you awake refreshed and ready to hit the gym.

CBD For Stress and Anxiety

As any athlete will tell you, your mental game is every bit as important as your physical game. Anxiety and stress can be barriers to proper exercise. If you are depressed, for example, you may not be motivated to get out.

Stress also released chemicals and hormones that are harmful to your body. All of these factors can inhibit recovery or stop you from exercising at all. 

Stress may lead to poor form that could increase your risk of injury. Sometimes, the symptoms of mental stress on the body are felt as feeling “off.”

Boost Endurance

Any productive workout session relies on two key factors: focus and endurance. Anyone who isn’t pushing the limits of what their body can do may be failing to reach their goals. From that perspective, exercise teaches people about having the mental strength and the perseverance and discipline to push through momentary discomfort. 

While CBD is known for helping your mind and body relax, it can also enhance the performance of your brain. The results are improved focus and energy.

By cleaning the clutter in your brain, you can focus on your workout routines while lowering your risk of injury. CBD oil is ideal for increasing cerebral function that can boost mental performance while at the gym. 

Your concentration span before using CBD for pre-workouts might be 10 minutes, for example. After using CBD before your workout, you may notice that you remain focused on your workout routine for twice as long. 

Final Thoughts

Many athletes and gym enthusiasts already use supplements after working out. If you understand the benefits of CBD for the mind and body, it only makes sense that you should be able to enjoy those benefits during your workout, not just after. 

Learn More CBD Pre Workout Tips

Now that you understand the benefits of CBD pre workout products, give it a try. Switch up the timing so you take CBD energy drinks before exercising or CBD products at night before your morning exercise routine. You may find that your time at the gym is spent more efficiently, which can lead to quicker and more drastic results. 

As you prepare for your new routine, Queen City Green is here to help you find the perfect CBD product for your health and wellness needs. All of our hemp-derived products are non-GMO. They contain no solvents, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Contact our team today so we can help you find the perfect product to meet your workout goals.